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Episode 39: In Conversation with Molly Schaeffer


Marlee interviews Molly Schaeffer, a special quiet person who works in illustration, writing, sewing, and she also reads a lot. Molly studied poetry and literature and she works as a nanny and freelance copyeditor. Molly talks about her non-linear approach to making art, zines, and books, and her new experience in the self-publishing world. She co-edits the literary and arts journal, Big Big Wednesday, which she started in 2013 with two friends. Big Big Wednesday is an annual journal, compiled from open-call submissions based on a theme. Submissions for Issue 4 “Partial” are still open through May 30th- email! Marlee and Molly also chat about instagram, putting yourself out there, and when you make stuff where you put it.

Words of wisdom:

“I have this weird compulsion to feel like I shouldn't need to make things for anyone else's approval, or even for them to see. But then I think that if everyone felt that way, I wouldn't have anything. Like, all the books I love, all the music I listen to, movies… I think that sharing what you make with the world is valuable. And I just want to find a way to do that where I don’t feel like it’s infiltrating my brain and my habits.”

Projects at Have Company:

Molly worked on her ongoing poetry embroidery project, one table cloth embroidered with an Emily Dickinson poem and another embroidered with a Rilke quote from The Poetics of Space. She likes the process of sewing out the quotes, taking a lot of time with them, to reach a new awareness. She is really interested in joining language, texture and fabric, and gives props to the artist Ann Hamilton. Molly took some long walks in Grand Rapids, went thrifting, and visited homes of new friends.

Things to be excited about:

  • Reading! Molly sees reading fiction as a form of self-help- learning through story, relating to characters and learning about herself. She recommends My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, and I Love Dick by Chris Kraus.
  • Lake Michigan and the Ocean! (Always amazing)
  • Poiro and all British Murder Mysteries!
  • Ashwaganda milk! Molly had trouble sleeping, and Ariel made her this treat: Ashwaganda powder, milk, honey, and cinnamon.
  • Upcoming projects! Molly is having an art show in Portland, doing album art for gossimer, and collaborating with her musician friend from the band Little Star, translating poems to songs and songs to drawings.
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