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Episode 40: In Conversation with Atiya Jones


Marlee interviews Atiya Jones, a traveler, a super-nice person, and newly claimed artist. She is actively taking ownership of the title of Visual Artist, and her artwork in any medium focuses on human connections, why we seek them, and how we make them. Atiya was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and speaks to the disconnection she feels from her hometown after gentrification; how she can’t afford to be there and be happy, and is planning a move to Pittsburgh. Atiya and Marlee have some real talk about break-ups and being your own sweetheart, practicing yoga to step out of depression, self-care rituals, and how Atiya makes art and where it is going.

Words of wisdom:

“I've been waiting for some unicorn to come in, and rescue me, and make moves with me. Those unicorns aren't real. I am the unicorn.”

“A lot of people have trouble being soft, and trouble telling their secrets. And secrets are so useless.”

Projects at Have Company:

Atiya spent time exploring Grand Rapids and making in the studio. She worked on her series of amorphous line drawings, and making hand-bound copies of her workbook, "Our Stories in Other Voices.” The workbook features 15 writing prompts to assist the writer in taking time to examine their present state of being. With the workbook, she intends to have an open conversation about taking ownership over who you want to be. After hearing an episode of the the podcast Creative Pep Talk- about being your own client, Atiya wanted to make a zine that she wanted to participate in. She wanted to know if other people were having the same experiences as her, and the book directly questions your experiences and encourages you to reflect on them.

Things to be excited about:

  • Finding your tribe! Atiya is leaving New York, is looking forward to all of the people she is going to meet, and how they will change her life. She would like to travel with her art- leaving a mark, spreading beauty. 
  • Actively practicing surrender!  Let the universe take care of you.
  • Embracing solitude! Atiya is excited about her life, and the parts that she gets to control- which is all of it!
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