improvisational quilting : west marin dec 16 11-2:30pm


improvisational quilting : west marin dec 16 11-2:30pm


BEGINNERS WELCOME : basic sewing machine knowledge HIGHLY ENCOURAGED : but dont let this stop you, if you need a warm up lesson come at 10:30am


all materials provided - but bring your own scraps if you want to bring your own vibe 

in this quilting class we will look at the history of quilt making through a radical & feminist lens 

we will read from leonard koren's book wabi sabi, lucy lippard's essay on quilting and and we will start sewing our quilt tops

you will then leave with the knowledge to on your own : combine our 3 layers & tie them together to bind your quilt

we will add stitches for texture, connection, & support 

you will leave with the skills and materials to finish a crib size quilt that you can keep for yourself, gift to a love, or cherish in whatever way you see fit

this workshops happens in Bolinas, Ca

ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED (!!!) but you must bring your own sewing machine 

also to note : this space does not have a restroom, we will be a close walking distance from one though for our lunch break or as needed - but transparency is fun and key to the experience ;) 

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