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Episode 56: In Conversation with Alejandra Leon of The Lioness Oracle


Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha lives and sustains in Oakland, California, and is the creator of the Lioness Oracle Tarot deck. Alejandra tells her story of how she found tarot at age 17, at the suggestion of her father, and really connected with it as a clarifying force in her life. She gave free readings for years and now offers them as a service. She attended art school and always found collage to be a meditative creative practice, cutting and pasting from found magazines. It was after her father died when making collages reached a therapeutic point for her, and the aesthetic of her deck started coming through.

Marlee and Alejandra discuss the psychic power that happens with readings from her own deck, ways to set the mood for a space to work in, and the business side of a spiritual business- working in a matriarchal way instead of a patriarchal way. With deep ties to the creative community and women-owned businesses, Alejandra recently had a show of prints of the Lioness Oracle Tarot collages at Resurrect Oakland, a hand-made and vintage shop where she offers monthly readings.

Words of Wisdom:

“If you just have that desire, and you have the love for it- I think with anything, when you decide to offer it as a service and have exchange for it, what’s important is that you love what you’re doing, and you’re putting love into it. I think problems occur when someone’s doing it for the wrong reasons. If you love Tarot and you believe in it’s healing properties and you love doing it, then you just love what you do, and you offer it to heal someone.”

“I have the right to have my survival needs met. I have the right to be healthy, and thrive. And so loving myself that way helps me enjoy the support and abundance that I do receive.

“Thats where materialism comes from- because it doesn't matter how many possessions you have or how much money you have- if you’re empty, you’re never gonna be full. So I think being grateful for things is really important.”

Coming up:

Alejandra just finished the artwork for another deck, and is currently working on formatting it for release. She plans to continue with her art practice without capitalist pressure to achieve; stay healthy and balanced and do what comes next.

Alejandra has felt called to study- she has been learning more about astrology and planning to offer birth-chart readings in the near future...

Exciting things!

Learning from masters who are women! Alejandra strives to support the creative young women in the Tarot and Astrology community, she loves seeing them self-publish and thrive. At the same time she honors the elders and master writers of the Tarot, like Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack.


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