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Episode 50: In Conversation with Rebekah Erev


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Rebekah Erev is an earth-humping Hebrew Priestess, clergy person, artist, and small business owner who created the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah deck and book. While Rebekah was in her religious training, she began designing a set of oracle cards as her own tool for divination, and now distributes them for everyone's benefit. Rebekah has a background in teaching, with an masters degree from Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, and has co-founded the projects and DIY Art School as a response to privilege and cost making higher education inaccessible to many. She also collaborated with Elsa Asher to publish Moon Tools workbook to extend the concept of the Moon Angel cards into classes and an online support system, encouraging people to use the cycle of the moon to work though life processes and creative projects. 

Marlee and Rebekah talk about the humanity of asking others for help, sweeping as a zen activity, not taking things personally in business when people say no, living in radical queer therapy cult, reading through the entirety of the artists way, and leaving her teaching job to pursue her career as an artist. 


words of wisdom:

“I love teaching. I love seeing people’s potential, and seeing them for who they really are, and helping to bring that out. Yeah, I love being a cheerleader, essentially. And, loving people and seeing them, and helping them find ways to express who they are more authentically and share that with the world- it’s really satisfying.”

“I started to think about my actions and how they make my prayer in the world.”

“Being in touch with our sexuality, as sexual beings, that helps us get more in touch with our intuition.”


current projects:

Rebekah is working on having feelings about having feelings, or having the capacity to feel more of the good and bad feelings / Exploring obscurity and the unknown though art and sex / Making a list of hopes and intentions moving into a new year / Cultivating a rebel heart, and finding the good in the current growth of activism and public expression of feelings.


things to be excited about:

  • Her awesome TV channel! Rebekah has made series of videos, one for each oracle card, and is posting them on Hebrew Priestess TV with more videos to come...
  • Boobs poster campaign! Rebekah is selling printed posters celebrating breasts, and giving half of all proceeds to the Birth Justice Project and Planned Parenthood. She is also donating 50% of her workbook sales to support the Standing Rock water protectors.
  • Teaching workshops! Rebekah will be offering classes at the new Have Company studio in West Oakland.
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