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Episode 48: In Conversation with Jordan Knecht


buy Jordan's book DETOX : reflections on taking a break from social media HERE

Jordan Knecht made a quick stop in Grand Rapids traveling through Michigan on his way to the Detroit Art Book Fair, and fell in deep with Marlee for one day. Originally from St Luis, Missouri, Jordan studied the symbiotic relationship of printmaking and sound in Western Mass before moving to Denver, Colorado. Jordan makes installation art, books, prints, and bands. Marlee and Jordan review their greatest hits day- jumping into the October-cold Lake Michigan and narrowly avoiding an ice cream crisis- and Jordan's book that originally connected the two. Detox (reflections on taking a break from social media), is a reminder that there is something out there besides the internet. Marlee and Jordan relate on feeling empty after looking for validation on instagram, and keeping moments sacred by resisting the urge to document and post their experiences. Jordan shares stories of turning around negative self-talk, moving after being worn down by a lack of support in the community, maintaining a studio outside of his home, jumping from one art medium to another, and working weird random jobs that don’t hold him to a schedule so he can do the things he is driven to do.


Words of wisdom:

“I got really sick of the way that I was wasting time through using social media, where instead of having my own thoughts I was automatically going to a screen. And so decided to quilt cold turkey, and overtime I had the urge to get on social media, I would take that as an opportunity to write to myself- some kind of reflection.”

“No one should ever be shamed for doing things for the first time.”

“Just say yes. Being good to my body, putting good things in my body- YES.”


Current Projects:

Jordan is busy publishing books for other people on his risograph press, following up on a grant, and working on an art installation for 2018. He is also almost finished with a new book; Records is coming soon so keep an eye out.


Things to be excited about:

  • Cooking all the time! Jordan is a die-hard David Chang fan, who makes incredible Korean food. Another Jordan favorite is the Indian food recipe videos on Vah-Reh-Vah.
  • Sewing! Jordan is experimenting with making women’s clothing into collared tank tops for himself.
  • Gossimer’s new album! Marlee and Jordan’s mutual friend Jenny Williams is making new music.
  • Being in the greatest hits of life! Jordan is stoked on how all of the exciting and creative aspects are coming together in his life right now.
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