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LIVE : in conversation with Brandi Harper at Otherwild


As part of my How to Not Always Be Working book tour I’ve been inviting friends and peers along the way to share their own experience with work, play, creativity, politics, hope, and more

Have Company Residency Alum / friend / magical unicorn person / knitter / book contributor Brandi Harper joined me at Otherwild in New York City on December 12

Brandi brings to so much joy, truth telling, and brightness to this conversation (and to the world every day). I really am in awe of the way she speaks about work and life and queerness and blackness and togetherness and the importance of REALLY carving out self care and friendship and romance for yourself in a world that doesn’t see or prioritize you.

I interview Brandi and we talk together and we open up with questions from the audience at the end - share widely with friends and tell us what you think! xo

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