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Episode 36: In Conversation with Courtney Knight


Marlee interviews Courtney Knight, an illustrator and maker based in Portland, Oregon. Courtney spent her residency at Marlee’s home while Erica Recto was in residence at the shop, and she and Marlee recap a week of breaking it down and digging in deep on everything from repetitive thoughts, being guided by guilt, lacking a filter, being invited, the power of instagram, and even a little astrological analysis. Courtney works part time as a freelance illustrator, part time on her own art practice, and full time at Tanner Goods, making leather wallets. She talks about the balance a day job brings- the perks of financial stability and the social aspect of going to work. 

*You can also hear the voice of Yoko Ono the cat, walking in on the interview.


Words of wisdom:

“Make more. Just fuckin’ make more”


Projects at Have Company:

Courtney taught a workshop on her process of memory mapping, drawing word webs and visually archiving moments to not forget. She encouraged participants to make lists to take stock of what is going on in your head, and realize how you are spending time internally. She also held a drink + draw event at Marlee’s house, where she relived her childhood antics of getting everyone to hang out and draw with her. 

The house residency was a good fit for Courtney because she is obsessed with homes. She was able to sleep in, and even more amazing, she was able to cry. After a year of not crying, Erica Recto’s heart chackra workshop opened her to tears, and Marlee wants everyone to feel okay with crying.


Things to be excited about:

  • Drawing everyday! And making lists in a nice hardcover, blank page, Moleskine sketchbook.
  • Daily meditations! She recently restarted a meditation practice, spending ten minutes each day, and the people around her noticed a shift in her outlook. She meditates alone in quiet, with guided recordings, and with her friend who helps keep her accountable.
  • Collaborative projects and new friends! Courtney is still new to Portland, where she will go to friends’ houses and demand that they show her everything they are working on.
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