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Episode 35: In Conversation with Erica Recto


Marlee interviews Erica Recto, a self-identified maker and doer who has found a way to make and do whatever she puts her mind to. Check out her online shop, Amelia BK to see her ever-changing range of handmade products, all based on her practice of slowing down and embracing daily rituals. These goods include incense, ceramics, soaps, candles, accessories, and herbal medicines. Erica talks about how she went from 17 years in a full-time job in the New York fashion industry, to making her living working for herself. She talks about nostalgia, good triggers, being woo-woo, and staying grounded while traveling with her daily practices of clearing the space and drawing tarot and oracle cards.


Words of wisdom:

“When you find what you are supposed to be doing, things kind of fall into place.”


Projects at Have Company:

Erica made progress on her latch hooked rug that combines her joy in 70’s kitsch nostalgia with imagery of metaphysical wonders. Her rugs will be in her very first art show at The Habitat Bar in Brooklyn

She also offered reike treatments and chackra meditations in the shop, where she learned a little about boundary settings and psychic protection.


Things to be excited about:

  • Belief in card reading! Reading intuitively, dissecting + interpreting cards with Erica’s own card chart or The Sacred Tarot.
  • Pending business remodel- putting out fewer pieces, only the things she feels really proud of.
  • Making incense! Erica’s favorite selections are patchouli + paul santo + copal in first place, and sandalwood + rose in second place.
  • Teaching shoe-making at Spirit Weavers Gathering in June.
  • Dream work! Erica hopes to access ancestral patterns and lost histories in Filipino indigenous culture, with the help of a book on shamanism and dream work that she picked up at Mother Moon in Saugatuck.
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