Creativity and Permission


a five week online course unlocking your truest creative potential in your art practice and living more fully off the screen 

JAN 23 - FEB 25 2019


It is my hope that this course will bring you into truer and clearer alignment in your art practice, how you show up to your own aliveness, and finding ways to keep things sacred as well as more comfort in sharing your work with the world. This is important! You are important!


The investment for this course is $225. There are scholarships available for BIPOC, trans and gnb folx, single parents, and those working in the social justice field. There are no payment plans, but it is my hope that with enough time those interested can save up for this course, or join us again in March 2019 while enjoying free resources like my podcast or weekly newsletter. 

Scholarships are 50% off tuition and first come first serve. Fill out this form to let me know you’re interested and you will receive a response within a week of applying. If you need additional financial assistance please note that below.


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So glad you'd like to take this course! If you'd like a first come first serve scholarship just let me know here and you can be enrolled! These spaces are limited and may run out quickly
creativity and permission



Enrollment is open through Mon Jan 21

there are absolutely NO REFUNDS - so please consider that before enrolling


Week One : Your Creative Practice 

What are you passionate about and currenty working on? What are the visions for your work in the world, how you relate to it and how others relate to it? What are your dreams for expansion, where are you currently comofrtable and where can you push yourself? WHAT ARE YOUR BIG IDEAS?

Week Two : Creative Blocks 

What is stopping you from reaching the above? Time, space, money, self esteem, resources, belief systems? We will work together to clear the blockages and the wreckage to see what is underneath, to find more SPACIOUSNESS in your practice

Week Three : Self Worth  

Activities, resoures, and prompts to hold the mirror up to YOURSELF - let's take a look at the magic that is already inside of you and give it roots to the earth for greater and more fertile growth

Looking at ways the internet can impact our self esteem and self worth in negative ways, as well as how we can heal our relationship to it and let it lift our voices and the voices of others

Week Four : Sharing your work 

Who do you want your work to reach and why? What is it's greatest purpose? We'll look at different formats your art can take : from prints, to zines, to a podcast, your own online course or consulting practice, a youtube channel, etc

We will look at ways social media and the internet can be a strength to sharing your work with the world, and also the ways it can cause pain, addiction, and distraction. We'll consider new ways of sharing our work off the screen.

Week Five : You have permission 

To be healthy, to be loved, to love yourself, to make art! To sell art! To not sell art! We will look at the holes in your permission giving voice, fill them in, and lift them up together. 


Each week's materials will be delivered in the form of a short video lesson (they're a little lo-fi but they are their own tiny performances that are both light hearted and seriously addressing the work at hand) as well as journal prompts, activites, writing exercises, and more


Each week will have a guest artist adding some of their own words and prompts to encourage you as you grow and change and learn throughout this five week class 


This course is an independent study and does not involve a discusion group, though there may be opportunities to share your findings and research with the group.  The course will be hosted on Pathwright


To take this class you just have to be a breathing person in a human body with a willingess to dig deep and an optimistic spirit. Or actually you can be pessimistic as fuck and still take the class and I bet that when it is done an ounce of optimism will have returned for you. 

This class is for artists looking to beam brighter, small business owners who are so consumed with work they've forgotten the importance of art making, movement teachers who want to reconnect to why they teach such an ephemeral form, corporate techies who need a reminder why making art and not making money from it is STILL VALID, anyone frustrated by capitalism and it's effect on our self worth, humans looking for my specific guidance and outlook on the practice of being alive and making art! 

This class has been built from my work with one on one clients over the past three years, six years of being my own boss, thirty years of aliveness, seven years of not taking a drink, a decade of spiritual practice and witchcraft, and a whole lot of HOPE around art as a way of processing, healing, and transforming ourselves and the world. 

You do not have to identify as an artist or a business owner, but when we are finished you might want to be both. Or if you already identify as those two things but want to radiate farther and have a greater impact, then this course is for you. This impact could be on the world at large, or just in your kitchen.

For anyone at the beginning stages of building a business around their art 

For an artist who wants to love themselves more 


If you are trying to get higher profit margins or create a $300,000 online workshop launch this probably isn't the class for you. However it might be just what you need to believe in yourself enough to try something like that :) 

If you think I am not very funny or my art is stupid you probably won't want to take this class. If you want someone with an MFA in art to teach you that is not me. If you want someone to teach you in real time, that is not this class. If you want a one on one experience with me this is also not the course - although there may be times I interact in the discussion - this is an independent study. 


I really believe in this work, the work of showing up for ourselves and our art practice or small business - and how we can use this act of self care and self commitment to leverage our commitment to our families and communities.