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Creative Advising Sessions


Creative Advising is a way of listening and an offering that is a combination of all the many ways I have been guided by spiritual, business, and creative mentors. It is a series of sessions to cover whatever YOU need — with my guidance! We'll do this through identifying your goals, how to implement them on a business, creative, and spiritual level, and look at ways of using social media, analog modes of spreading news, and solid systems to get your projects off the ground.

Creative advising is a three part series of meeting.  This series is $350, includes three one hour sessions (either in real life or Google hangouts), and comes with a comprehensive Google document of our work together that includes 1-2 hours of me working on my own time to organize our ideas.

This is for anyone deeply blocked in their creative work, at the very beginning stages of launching their business, who needs more than just a one-time meeting.  This allows us to dive deep into your work, and find the blocks, unravel them, and weave them into something different.

We can spread these meetings out over 1-2 months, or knock them out in a few weeks depending on what your needs are.

Once we have finished our three sessions we can create a meeting system that works for both of us — monthly, weekly, yearly, every other year! But this way we can root in together.

I also offer a one hour consultation.  This offering is $125 : This option is great for someone whose business or creative practice I am already familiar with, or someone who is very clear on what they are looking for help with, whether it be launching a new business or product, having me look over your website one time only, etc.! It's like a QUICK FLASH brainstorming session and requires no further commitment.

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